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    1>This add-on involves in almost activities on Xenforo with a lot of functions. It controls the whole transactions by credits. It is integral part of your site based on Xenforo.

    Credits Premium provides lots of functions for creating and managing virtual points on XenForo. Install Credits Premium and see your users interaction soar by offering them points which could be used to view certain topics, exchange for downloads or even real items. There are 8 groups of functions of this add-on for administrators, some functions for users and some others like completing the developer’s documentation. Credits is the main currency and this means that it can be easily extended to offer more ways for your users earn and spend points. APIs are also available for other add-ons to work with Credits Premium.

    - Currencies System:

    + Supports unlimited concurrent currencies (example: diamond, gold, silver ...)
    + Currencies can be exchanged to anothers & exchange from anothers.
    + Currencies can be withdrawn.
    + Can handling for negative and usergroup viewing permissions.
    + Can reset currencies by criteria.
    - Events System:
    + Can link event with currency.
    + Specify applicable usergroups.
    + Set scenario per currency chosen for user.
    + Supports moderation for any events. (You can set pending for event buy points from Paypal -> can transparently identify and stop fraudulent transactions.)
    + Mix earn / charge currencies on same action.
    + Supports buy points from Paypal event.
    + Supports import/export event.
    - Transactions System:
    + All events recorded and queued for performance.
    + Single transaction processed per pageload.
    + Can export transactions to csv file.
    I. Admin Functions:

    1. Configure a lot of options example
    - Enable/Disable Visitor Tab Display.
    - Enable/Disable Message Element Display.
    - Enable/Disable Visitor Sidebar Panel Display.
    - Enable/Disable Member View Display.
    - Enable/Disable Member Card Display.
    - Choose to currency will be displayed.
    - Can limit the number of members to show on statistics.
    - Enable/Disable low priority update SQL queries.
    - Can limit the number of transactions that will show per page.
    - Can limit the number of days to keep transactions.
    - Can set to return credits after delete transaction.
    - Can set list of file extenstions will be ignored to be download action.
    - Allow Guests to Trigger View Actions.
    - Exclude Block BBCode from Size Multipliers.
    - Count Words for Size Multipliers.
    - Can chooose the member field to complete their profile.
    - Reset all User Credits to Zero (with prune existing transactions).
    - Reset all User Credits from Zero (without prune existing transactions).
    - Give credits from the beginning (without prune existing transactions).

    2. Manage Currencies
    - Create/Edit/Delete/Enable/Disable a Currency.
    - Manage Exchange rate of Currency.
    - Set Currency Code.
    - Set Currency left/right Symbol.
    - Set Decimal Places.
    - Set currency can be exchange to other currency.
    - Set currency can be exchange from other currency.
    - Enable/Disable currency that users can be withdrawed
    - Set minimum and maximum amount users can withdraw.
    - Set specific usergroups can use currency.

    3. Manage Rules/Actions/Events (You can set event for each currency)
    - Registration: Assign points to new users.
    - Login: Assigns points for each daily login.
    - Happy Birthday: Assigns points to user which have birthday.
    - Interest: Growing the value of user's credits over time.

    - Transfer: Calculate tax and fee when a user transfer credits to other.
    - Withdraw: Withdraw credits
    - Exchange: Moving your own currency from one to another.
    - Buy Credits via Paypal

    - Complete/Incomplete Profile: Assigns credits when a user has 100% completed his / her profile.
    - Upload/Delete Avatar: Assigns or remove credits when a user upload/delete avatar.
    - Update Status: Assigns credits when a user update status.
    - Follow/Unfollow: Assigns or remove credits when a user follow/unfollow.
    - Get Follower: Assigns or remove credits when a user get/lost follower.
    - Profile Post: Assigns credits when a user post comment on other member's profile page.
    - Get New Profile Post: Assigns credits when someone comment on user's profile page.
    - Like a Profile Post: Assigns or remove credits when a user like/unlike a profile post.
    - Receive Profile Post Like: Assigns or remove credits when a user receive/lost profile post like.
    - Create New Conversation: Assigns credits when a user create new conversation.

    - Create New Thread: Assigns credits when a user create new thread.
    - Thread Deleted: Assign credits when a thread of user was deleted.
    - Thread get Reply: Assigns credits when someone posting in user's thread.
    - Thread Viewed: Assigns credits when someone viewing user's thread. Actions should be limited.
    - Read Thread: Assign credits when a user read a thread.
    - Create Poll: Assigns credits when a user create a poll.
    - Vote Poll: Assigns points to the user after he responded to a poll. Multiplier is the number selected.
    - Poll Get a Vote: Assigns credits when a user's poll get a vote.
    - Thread get Sticky/Unsticky: Assigns or remove credits when a user's thread becomes sticky/unsticky.

    - New Post: Assigns credits when a user create new post.
    - Post Deleted: Assigns credits when a post of user was deleted.
    - Upload Attachment: Assigns points when a user upload new attachment.
    - Download Attachment: Increase or reduced creadits when a user download an attachment file.
    - Attachment Downloaded: Assigns points when someone downloading user's attachment. Multiplier is filesize.
    - Receive/Lost a Post Like: Assigns or remove credits when a user receive/lost a post like.
    - Report Post: Assigns or remove credits when a user report a post. You can use positive or negative values.
    - Like/Unlike a Post: Assigns or remove credits when a user like/unlike a post.
    - Post get Reported: Remove credits when a post of user get reported.

    - Especially for allow third party products to create new action (See developer's documentation)
    - Besides this allow to import/export Action settings.

    4. Manage Transactions
    - Privately list all Transactions.
    - View detailed Transaction Informations.
    - Delete a/selected Transactions.
    - Ordered by latest received and biggest received amount.
    - Filtered by Actions, Currency, Username, Start/End date, Date since.
    - View list of pending transactions and update to be completed.
    - View list of withdraw transactions and update to be completed.
    - Can export to file and download list of transactions by filtered.

    5. Donations / Transfers
    - Transfer credits to members (Use administrator's credits).
    - Donate credits to members by usergroup or username.
    - Can make anonymous transfer (hide informations with receiver)

    6. Cron Job Entries
    - Happy Birthday Credits Update.
    - Interest Credits Update.
    - Transactions Clear History.

    7. Credits Statistics
    - Total board credits statistics.
    - Total board members.
    - Average credits earned by day/member.
    - Average points spent by day/member .
    - Top of richest/poorest member.
    - Top of Spent/Earned by day member.

    8. Importer Integration
    - Supports import credits from vBCredits I, vBCredits II, kBank (vBulletin).
    - Supports import credits from [bd] Banking.
    - Supports import credits from My Points.
    - Supports import credits from Trophy Points.

    II. User Functions:
    - Trigger actions to get credits.
    - View board credits statistics.
    - View history of transactions filtered by action.
    - Transfer credits to other users.
    - Intergrated with alot of third party products.

    III. Other Functions:
    - Fully Phrased.
    - Complete Admin Help.
    - Complete Developer's Documentation.

    Download and unzip the attached file, and follow the instructions in readme.txt

    You can upgrade from Credits (lite version). Download and unzip the attached file, and follow the instructions in readme.txt.

    Fully integrated with Xenforo and easily integrated with third party scripts. Upcoming companion addons to Credits:
    - Brivium - Credits Resource Integration
    - Brivium - Feature Resource using Credits
    - Brivium - Store
    - Brivium - Content Restriction using Credits
    - Brivium - Rock Paper Scissors
    - Brivium - Credits Media Integration
    - Brivium - Credits Integrate User Upgrades
    - Brivium - Modern Statistics
    - Brivium - Bump Thread using Credits
    - Brivium - Key Code
    - Brivium - Sticky Thread using Credits
    - Brivium - Referral Credit System
    - Brivium - Donation Manager
    - And more products coming soon

    1. For Third Party

    - You may or may not need to supply your table prefix with any particular third party script. Also, We're building a list of compatible third party scripts, so please submit them to me if you know of any that allow it, and I'll be able to provide more specific instructions on each.
    - Use TABLE: xf_user COLUMN: Currency field.
    2>You are looking for resources such as files and tutorials or other articles like content alongside your normal forum on Resource Manager and you do not want to pay cash? Here you are our solution – “Credit Resource Integration”. This add-on supports users in transactions on Resource Manager by using credit instead of money.

    This add-on can be understood that a currency for Resources e-commerce market when people could buy and sell any resource they have. Prices of resources are between buyers and sellers. Credit Resource Integration allows users to buy resources by using credits. It also allows resources’ up-loaders receiving credits with a percentage of commission fixed by administrators when someone purchases their resources. After the transactions, system could store all actions in activity logs and users could review during your account. Admin could view, filter, order list of transactions and also activate or deactivate them and they decide the list of resources for purchasers and sellers.

    - Define action allows users to purchase resources (Resource Manager) by using Credits (Credits Premium).
    - Define action allows resource's uploaders can receive Credits (with % commission set by admin) when someone purchases their resources.
    - Allow resource's uploaders to defines resource's price.
    - Fully supports Credits' alert system: Alert when users purchased resource or someone purchased their resources.
    - Fully supports Credits' transaction system: Store all purchases action on transaction logs.
    - Admin can view, filter, order list of purchased transactions and can active/deactive purchaseds.
    - Admin can exclude which affected resource categories these action should be forced on to.
    - Allow buyers to sees list resources purchased.

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt

    This add-on requires XenForo Resource Manager and Brivium - Credits Premium.
    Nguồn : XFTEAM.NET​

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    Version 2.0.9
    - Fixed error on float amount for Paypal payment (eg. $1.99)
    - Minor bug fixes.

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    cho tiền hiện ra ngoài ntn ạ 4rum của rm đây ạ
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    Invalid License of Brivium - Credits Resource Integration for this domain:
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    cái này cài thế nào vậy ad, mình up lên thư mục root rồi mà khi vào trong addon thì ko thấy , nên ko cài đặt được, mình đang dùng bản bet365 có những phương thức nạp tiền nào_link vào bet365_điểm số trực tiếp bet365 2.0.10

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